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E- Learning as Business
Apr 19, 2021

E-learning as Business

“Learning is a perpetual process which goes on just like the flowing river”

When everything is digitized, then how can education be left behind? The Corona pandemic has made impossible also possible. Earlier, education was known only with the traditional format wherein physical presence was a must. Now, you can learn anything and everything in just a few clicks as you possess the magical wand of Online learning.

The entire world is witnessing a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. There has been a sudden rise in E-learning businesses. You would be surprised to know that only students but also professionals enroll for online courses to build their skills. E-learning is reaching new horizons day-by-day. If you excel in English, or Coding, or life skills like Communication, and want to impart this knowledgethen E-learning is the right solution for you.

Let us dig deeper to get a better understanding of E-learning.

There are two types of E-learning Business Models.

  1. The Night School

The night school model is very well-known as it is mostly used in schools, colleges, and institutions. In this model, students/learners have to pay the fee prior only once for getting the accessibility. It follows a fixed syllabus from the beginning till the end and the learners have to just follow it. Their progress is tracked with the help of tests and quizzes.

The best part here is that it will never let you diverge from the fundamental topic and help you get a good hold on it. It doesn’t involve any extras or additional learnings and make you learn only on the purchased ones.




  1. It helps you to test your products and get real-time feedback/reviews from the people.
  2. It is ideal for big-ticket businesses where selling products starts from INR 50,000+ or higher.
  3. E-businesses where selling online courses is the primary service that too without any support of the school environment.


  1. The Academy Model

This type of Model is generally known as the Amazon/Netflix of online education. This model requires a recurring monthly fee to gain accessibility for the portal. Once you have paid the monthly fee, the complete portal acts as your library like Amazon, you can select any subject and lesson anytime. You are authorized to learn anything inside the portal until you are paying the fixed monthly subscriptions (fee).

Advantages for Multiple People

  1. It’s a great platform for adepts who want to teach any subject in any particular stream.
  2. You are a fitness and Yoga expert and want to make people live a healthy life with every time updates.
  3. It acts like a golden egg for Corporate Trainer and life Coaches/Mentors
  4. Creative Professional who can make people learn innumerable artistic work like Painting, Drawing through the digital platform.


Pros Of E-learning Business


Ease of Availability

The availability of information to learn is abundant. Most importantly it is accessible within a flicker of an eye. Your precious time will hardly be wasted inthe classroom and commuting. The spread ofknowledge is boundless and you can learn anywhere and anytime.



In the case of traditional learning, you have to pay for teacher fees, school fees, infrastructure, and many other additional expenses, whereas in E-learning you need not pay a single penny for such expenses. You just need to pay the subscription fee and that’s it. Therefore, it is economical in comparison to conventional education. Even more, it’s a one-time investment, then you can just share the same material and video with every learner.



E-learning gives you full flexibility to choose your time and place for learning. In other words, you can decide which subject, chapter, sub-chapter to complete when. It is completely your choice. It also gives you plenty of time to complete your assignments and tasks.



In the case of traditional learning, every teacher has a unique way of teaching. Every teacher has its style and can make mistakes. E-learning eradicates these errors. Most importantly, it is consistent and standardized for every learner irrespective of time.


Feedback in real-time

In the case of conventional education, it is tedious to get feedback. Herein, you can get feedback anytime and that too easily. Employees can also be rated and get feedback from middle and top management. 



Every individual has different preferences and attraction towards a particular subject. E-learning offers customized choices to every individual. You can also learn at your speed, there is no rat race. As it is your free will, so you put your heart and soul into it. 


E-learning is rocking the internet like never before. E-learning is the neoteric method of learning and is spreading wings like the fire. The future era is of E-learning so start your business today.

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