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Relevance Of Renewable Energy in Saving Environment
Jul 28, 2021

Relevance Of Renewable Energy in Saving Environment

Renewable source of energy is inexhaustible and renewed all the time as they come from continuously replenished sources like sunlight, wind, water and geothermal heat. Renewable energy is the energy generated from natural resources. Renewable sources of energy are relevant in saving the environment unlike alternative sources of energy. But these sources are flow- limited and we can harvest them with renewable resources like tides and rains. With growth and development, the use of renewable energy sources will increase manifold.

As such, we use energy to get electricity, hot water, and fuel for cars. We harvest this energy from fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal. Therefore, the problem is now if these sources finish, we will not be able to have more energy during our lifetime. Therefore, we must begin to use renewable energy resources for avoiding this problem.

In the changing environment, the need to rely on renewable energy is compelling. These conventional sources of energy benefit the environment and the economy. The factors discussed below will explain how renewable energy is relevant in saving the environment.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Human needs are growing daily with the utilization of electricity at home or industrial establishments. This has made the countries rethink the use of renewable energy resources to reduce deadly environmental effects and creating a pollution-free atmosphere. The increased usage of renewable energy resources will help in reducing the unfavourable environmental impact. They are the clean source of energy that helps in the reduction of residual waste. This in turn helps in keeping the atmosphere green and drops the rate of carbon footprints. For example, in solar energy, we use the sun to collect energy and convert it to electricity. This can be used as a source of heat and light. Sunlight does not produce any wastes or pollutants for the environment.

Renewable sources are obtainable

Energy sources like coal, oil, natural gas used for power generation are extracted from the core of the Earth. This causes exploitation of Mother Earth by constant drilling and also leads to an increase in expenses. This results in the release of toxic gases that damage nature as well as humans. However, renewable sources are easily procured, and they do not release any harmful gases. It is free to collect sunlight as it is always present. Similarly, biomass is always available, thus it can be used as a renewable source.

Helps To Prevent Global Warming

The renewable sources of energy mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions, thus help in curbing global warming. This will lead to the transformation of renewable energy sources for power generation, cultivating a greener environment.

Reduce carbon emission

The usage of renewable energy sources like wind, biomass, and hydro energy reduces carbon emission as there is no burning or extraction required. The wind doesn’t produce any wastes or pollutants for the environment. It takes up little ground space. Hydropower is considered an inexpensive source. It does not leave any harmful chemicals as waste. Biomass crops use up carbon dioxide and increase oxygen.

 Other electricity generation resources emit nearly 40% of the carbon dioxide that is harmful to the atmosphere. Renewable energy is present in abundance and only needs the right technology and infrastructure.

Maintain renewable energy sources

It is important to sustain the renewable- energy resources as this will help in generating the power for a longer period. We can convert the steam to electricity by using power stations. To run these stations, we use heated water and steam from the earth. For heating and cooling, geothermal heat pump systems use 25% to 50% less electricity than conventional systems.

Moreover, sustainability will help in dealing with many environmental factors relating to fossil fuel depletion, emission of carbon dioxide, and other threatening issues. For this, the government should encourage technological and infrastructure improvement that will help them to sustain more time.


Renewable energy sources will be a viable option for minimizing pollution, poverty, increasing economy, energy security, and job opportunities.

Renewable energy projects have undoubtedly contributed to improving environmental impacts such as awakening community about the climate change. Significant impacts were observed in the improvement of living standards, social bonds creation, and community development.

Some business models developed by Inforcrest will explain the relevance of renewable energy in saving the environment.


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