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Best 13 SaaS and 'SaaS-like' Financial Models

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SAAS Products

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  • Short Description

    This is a SaaS template bundle that includes all 13 Excel workbooks I have built on the subject. This is heavily discounted relative to the cost to buy them individually. There are all kinds of ways to build bottom-up models within this category, so this should give you a broad understanding of most strategies involving recurring revenue and selling software as a service products.

  • Full Description

    The templates include: Enterprise SaaS - Up to 3 customer categories and contract length is dynamic. Standard SaaS - General 4 pricing tier setup and includes one-time fees if applicable. Ratio Driven SaaS - Builds revenues and headcounts by ratios. PaaS (Product-as-a-Service) - Build in cost of manufacturing a good and then tagging a recurring revenue service within the product. Security/Alarm System and Services - On-going security alarm services. Mobile App / Website Driven SaaS - Recurring revenue with 5 pricing tiers and more in-depth structures compared to the general 'Standard SaaS' version. General Mobile App - Focuses on the levers of an app specifically. In-app purchases, free user poo, ad revenue, and pay for no ads pricing strategies. Freemium - More in-depth logic for having a free user pool, ad revenue, and a paid service. LaaS (Lending-as-a-Service) - This is a software platform that connects borrowers and lenders for a fee. LTV and CaC Payback planner - Track the most crucial key metrics of any SaaS product. Marketplace - Model revenues and expenses of a two-sided system where the platform connects buyers and sellers of things for a fee. Professional Services / Agency - Built off the idea of earning a fee off of the work of professionals. The service connects these professionals to jobs in return for a fee. Ad Network - Model the two-sided marketplace of advertisers and publishers with a fee per total ad revenue earned. The screen shot shows a description of each template.

  • Table of Content
    No. Content
    Template Index Tab Displays all tab descriptions in each workbook.
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