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Global Marketplace Platform for Consultants and Users

Icrest Models is a tech product of "Infocrest." Our background is a global business planning company that has been operating since 2014 and has dealt with Start-ups and SMEs across 33+ countries till date, working for varied sectors. While working, we experienced some problems like:

• If you are a ‘Business Consultant,’ you might be having dead stock of documents/business tools created in the past and not usable again.

• If you are an industry expert with a good number of years of experience, you might be looking to share your knowledge with the world.

• If you are a ‘Start-up,’ you might not want to invest too much money in documentation

• If you are an SME and having a customer presentation, you might be looking for quick solution in the form of readily available material which can be amended in quick timeframe.

Our platform address all the above problems by acting as a "marketplace" for consultants, investment bankers, and industry professionals worldwide. If you are wondering how? Here is the answer. You can earn passive income by "uploading" as well as marketing your best business tools which can be reused by the one who downloads.

Simultaneously, it will help Start-ups, SMEs, Wannapreneurs, Fellow Business Consultants, and University Students worldwide to “download” these tools at an unbelieveable cost. There is still more in the kitty, you can reuse them in your business or assist your clients or for further study, respectively.

Are you pinching yourself that are you visualizing a dream? Absolutely not, Wannapreneurs, business tycoons, and customers, this is the truth. We are here to turn your dreams into reality.