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A financial model is a process of creating a summary of the company’s expenses and earnings on a spreadsheet which can be used in calculating the impact of the future events or the decisions.

Start-up financial model template estimates the financial performance of the project or business by considering all the factors such as growth, and risk assumptions thereby interpreting the impact. It also enables the users in acquiring concise knowledge of all related variables that are involved in financial forecasting.

The simple financial model template is a representation in terms of numbers of the company’s operations based on past, present, and forecasted future figures. The models are intended to be used for decision-making tools. The executives of the company can use them in order to estimate the costs and also to project the profits of a proposed new project.

The financial analysts use them in explaining or anticipating the impact of the events on the stocks of the company from the internal factors such as changes in the strategy or in the business model to the external factors such as changes in the rules and regulations, or in the economic policy.

Financial modeling interprets many characteristics of a company's business. Financial modeling is the task of creating an abstract representation of the actual financial situation, called a financial model. This is a mathematical model built to describe a simplified version of the performance of a financial asset or portfolio of a company, project, or other investment.

The financial model is an activity that creates a model that represents the actual financial situation. They should help you make decisions. Business leaders can use the financial model to estimate the cost and predict the profits of a proposed new project. Financial analysts use financial models to predict the impact of economic policy changes and other events on a company's stock.

Common types of financial models are the initial public offering (IPO) model and the leveraged buyout (LBO) model.

Financial models guide the historical analysis of a company and help predict the financial performance of a company used in different areas. These financial models are primarily used by financial analysts and are designed for many purposes. Financial modeling supports management in decision making and financial analysis creation by creating financial models.

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