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Business Plan of Clinical Trial
Team Icrest    

Type of Business :

Startup Business Plans

Price : USD 103.35 159.00

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  • Short Description

    The business plan is about the clinic trial business company. If you are in the field of Pharmaceuticals and medicines and always look for users for clinical trial of medicines, this business model will provide you a good insight

  • Full Description

    Health is an important concern in everyone’s life. Many pharmaceutical companies are inventing modern drugs to prevent the fatal diseases. For this purpose, many research centres, Pharmaceuticals companies and scientists have come forward for performing clinical trials on modern drugs development before launching. The company would launch an app or website where the detailed information about the trials occurring on any particular disease will be available. The Company would like to provide innovative and affordable clinical trials for patients, recruiters and other healthcare industries across the globe. Initially the target market is UK and the services provided by the company are –

    • Trial sites information
    • Local cancer incidence rate
    • Previous trial experience of people in particular disease
    • Country’s national health peculiar features and trial protocol design to predict the best trial-to-patient match
    • De-identified patients information

    As an investor, if you are looking for more details than you are at right B-plan template. More details such as market analysis, marketing strategies and other market players are available in the B-plan template.

  • Table of Content
    No. Content
    1 E.Summary
    2 Mission and Vision
    4 Product and Service Description
    5 Market Analysis
    6 Competitive Analysis
    7 Marketing Plan and Swot Analysis
    8 Financial Projections
    9 Exit Strategy
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