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Business Plan of Dental Clinic Exclusive
Team Icrest    

Type of Business :

UK Startup Visa Business Plans

Price : USD 96.75 129.00

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  • Short Description

    Our business plan is based on the application for UK Startup Visa. This business plan is related to Dental Clinic Services. If you are looking to apply for Startup Visa Business Plan in UK, then this plan will be helpful for you to know the aspects to be covered to get an endorsement.

  • Full Description

    Uk government has identified agencies for endorsement, only after the sanction from one of those you can get Startup Visa. These endorsers review few points in order to endorse your business.
    1. You should have a professional Business Plan
    2. You should be able to generate jobs via your business

    We have covered Dental services in this business plan template, which is one of the fastest growing healthcare segments. .This require huge amount of capital expenditure, as an owner/ investor you want to know the success of the project on the basis of market overview, opportunities, feasibility of the business, target audience etc.

    Key features of the Clinic:-

    To build a wide client base amongst local patients and key stakeholders or referral partners.
    Offering excellent services with 24*7 support through the mobile app.
    To plan and provide multidisciplinary oral health care for a wide variety of patients.
    To improve value-added services.
    To provide an excellent standard of dental care in a comfortable and friendly environment.

    Services offered: - private treatments, NHS treatments.

  • Table of Content
    No. Content
    1 Executive Summary
    2 Mission and Vision Statement
    3 Services offered
    4 Market Analysis , Swot Analysis and Competitor Analysis
    5 Revenue Drivers
    6 Market Plan and Strategies
    7 Financial Plan
    8 References
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