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Comprehensive Sales Training Deck
VK Dubai    

Type of Business :

Sales and Marketing Decks

Price : USD 59 59.00

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  • Short Description

    The 2nd Day of training of a two day training program for sales personnel. The training is built around a structured sales model on product basis for sales specialists to achieve their targets towards B2B and B2C customers.

  • Full Description

    This template is now a full-fledged resource for 2nd day sales training in a 2 day training program. Besides working on the gestures like how you greet your customer and how you react to objections, it is equally important to train them about how you present your products. One product can be a fit to demand thing if presented properly. So in this training material it is clearly explained how the same name of the company product can be pitched for varied demand of customer like durability of furniture, the classy look, less maintenance required and cost economic thing, etc. It trains personnel’s about the product features and the trigger points that can easily generate sell. Also, this material helps you train your team to handle various On-Spot customer problems and take conversations to deals. After the training part is over there are exam time questions that you can use to judge if whatever is taught is being understood well or not! So this template covers everything that you need for upgrading your or team selling skills. You just have to tweak it a little and then you can use it for any kind of business.

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    1 Day 2 Training for Sales Specialists
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