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Dashboard For Sales KPI
Team Icrest    

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Price : USD 30 30.00

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  • Short Description

    In every business, the business owner, stakeholders, and the person involved in the process need to understand how was the position of the business in terms of sales, what type of customers exist, what is the distribution of the cost in terms of marketing and sales, etc.

  • Full Description

    The dashboard helps the sales persons, sales manager, and other stakeholders in understanding how the sales processes and business is operated in a particular month/year. To understand and analyze the sales unit, this dashboard will be very useful for the sales manager, personnel, and supervisor.
    A Sales Performance Analysis is a way of assessing where your business currently stands compared to where it wants to be in future. It uses industry businesses standards, performance, and other elements for comparison. It shows the gaps between the current state of your business and how it should be performing and what are the causes for the gap in between.
    Users can input the data based on their business and can get the analysis on the dashboard of their data.
    In this dashboard, revenue from existing customers, new customers, churn customers is calculated and then cost and sales breakup is analyzed in order to understand the progress of the business.
    Cost breakup as per the marketing campaign is also done to analyze the disbursement of cost as per different marketing campaigns.

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