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Financial Model For OTT Platform
Team Icrest    

Type of Business :

Project Finance Financial Models

Price : USD 159 159.00

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  • Short Description

    The financial model presents the business case of the OTT Platform. The model accommodates all the detailed information of the OTT platform. All the relevant details related to the OTT platform are considered in this model.

  • Full Description

    The model describes the business case of the OTT platform. This model goes for 10 years and it includes the financial projections.
    The user can either work through this instruction sheet or directly jump to the Executive Summary Sheet to update the model. We suggest the following work plan:
    1. Work through all assumptions in blue by updating them, mainly on the Executive Summary Sheet.
    2. Review the Executive Summary sheet and work your way back to correct as needed.
    3. Change calculations as needed to adjust the model as per the need.
    The executive summary contains the financial summary and the assumptions. The marketing expenses tab includes different types of marketing expenses. The salary cost tab includes details of the number of employees as well as their salary.
    Revenue build-up is a very important operating model which uses the assumptions for calculating the revenue. The costing model includes various costing figures which are based on assumptions as well as market research. The cost is then further bifurcated over the total period of projections.
    Depreciation and Amortization assumptions can be set on the General Assumption section on the Executive Summary Sheet. Depreciation is charged on Tangible Fixed Assets while amortization is charged on Intangible Fixed Assets. Capital expenditures (include) may include items such as Hardware, Furniture, Fixtures, Vehicles, Property, etc. These are costs where the company obtains tangible benefits over a longer period of time. The depreciation is calculated on the basis of prevailing rates of the target country and is amortized over the period of projections.
    The profit and loss tab specifies the profit and loss incurred by the business, the Cash Flow Statement specifies the inflows and outflows of cash in the business, and the detailed overview of the assets and liabilities of the business is specified in the Balance Sheet tab on a monthly and yearly basis.
    The break-even analysis model calculates the period when the EBITDA becomes positive for the very first time. Whereas, the summarized yearly report summarizes the financial information for the further analysis of the position of the business. The ratio analysis specifies the financial ratios for the business analytics on the yearly basis.

  • Table of Content
    No. Content
    1 Cover Page
    2 Instructions
    3 Executive Summary & Assumptions
    4 Revenue Matrix
    5 Cost Matrix
    6 Salary
    7 Depreciation
    8 Marketing
    9 Profit and Loss
    10 Cash Flow Statement
    11 Balance Sheet
    12 Ratios
    13 Summary
    14 Break-Even
    15 Valauation
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