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Team Icrest    

Type of Business :

Project Report And CMA

Price : USD 99 99.00

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  • Short Description

    This CMA and feasibility report examine the feasibility and potential benefits of establishing an apple chips production unit in Madhya Pradesh (MP). The objective of this project is to address the growing demand for healthy snack alternatives and the need for value-added agricultural products. The proposed unit will be responsible for processing and producing apple chips, tapping into the health-conscious consumer market, and promoting sustainable agri-business practices.

  • Full Description

    The proposed project involves the establishment of an apple chips production unit in Madhya Pradesh (MP). The project's primary objective is to process and produce apple chips to cater to the increasing demand for healthy snack alternatives.
    The primary purpose of a CMA is to provide a clear understanding of the financial aspects of a project or business venture. It offers insights into the costs involved, revenue projections, profitability, and key financial metrics. CMAs serve as a roadmap for planning, budgeting, and decision-making, enabling stakeholders to make sound financial and strategic decisions.
    The CMA Report is based on a yearly timeline and offers detailed data for user study. However, the user is allowed to change them to match their actual purpose. The template is created based on a number of assumptions, including:
    1. Cost of Project: It includes the general assumptions regarding the detailed description of each project cost component related to apple chips production, and the means of finance. The components mentioned have been thoroughly researched before taking any assumptions.
    2. Project Profile: It contains a summary of the apple chips production project.
    3. Dashboard: It includes graphical representation of relevant financials related to apple chip sales and production.
    4. Input Assumptions: It covers broad estimates about raw apple material, labor, and other direct costs.
    5. Output Assumptions: It covers estimates in relation to the production capacity of apple chips, selling prices, and revenue.
    6. Expenses: It includes the expenses in relation to the workforce required for apple chip production.
    7. Internal Rate of Return: It measures the profitability of future investments in the apple chips sector and presents data for how well a project, investment, or expenditure performs over time. Also, the probable payback period.
    8. Term Loan Schedule: It represents an amortization schedule for a term loan required for the apple chips project and shows the regular loan payments that must be made each month.
    9. Profitability: It includes the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow position, depreciation, financial expenses, income tax liability, break-even point, debt service coverage ratio, and financial ratios for the apple chips project.
    10. Ratios: It displays the computation of relevant ratios, including profitability, return, leverage, coverage, and liquidity ratios for the apple chips business.
    11. Summarized Yearly Reports: These show the yearly reports of the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and ratios related to the apple chips production unit.

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