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Business Plan For Pantry Business
Team Icrest    

Type of Business :

Startup Business Plans

Price : USD 299 299.00

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  • Short Description

    The business plan is about a company working in the packaged food industry and looking to provide healthy snacks to new moms and little children. Most moms will find it hard to eat well during the early weeks or months after having their baby.

  • Full Description

    Most moms will find it hard to eat well during the early weeks or months after having their baby. However, it is necessary for every mother to be healthy so they can take good care of their baby. The company will be providing snack bars, full of nuts and seeds, which are based on Eastern wisdom and Western superfoods. The company is looking to provide beneficial foods which can offer replenishment and essential nutrients.
    Key features of the product are –
    • Only authentic “new mom” nutrition bar in the market
    • Based on Ayurvedic principles
    • Supports milk supply with “galactagogues”
    • Supports energy levels using superfoods and ancient grains
    As an investor, if you are looking for more details then you are at the right B-plan template. More details such as market analysis, marketing strategies, and other market players are available in the B-plan template.

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    Business Plan Business Plan For Pantry Business
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