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Crypto Currency Portfolio Excel Dashboard Exclusive
Hafiz Ali    

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Price : USD 39 39.00

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  • Short Description

    Introducing revolutionary Excel template designed to transform your cryptocurrency trading experience. With this comprehensive tool, managing your trades and tracking your portfolio has never been easier. Let's delve into the incredible features that make this template an essential asset for any cryptocurrency investor.

  • Full Description

    INSTRUCTION: Step 1 CONFIG: To get started, you need to register the starting date of your trading activities, your initial equity, and the currencies that you will be trading. Step 2 BUYS AND SALES: Keep track of every transaction you make involving cryptocurrencies. Record the details of each buy and sell transaction. Step 3 REPORTS: Generate a monthly evolution report that provides an overview of your portfolio and equity. This report will help you track your progress over time. Step 4 DASHBOARD: Utilize the dashboard tab to have a quick and visually pleasing overview of the performance of all your movements. It will provide valuable insights into your trading activities. 2. CONFIG: a) General: In the general configuration section, define the starting date of your trading activities and the initial equity you plan to invest. Additionally, create a list of all the cryptocurrencies that you will be trading, including their respective codes. b) Currencies: Specify the name and initial of each currency you will be using in your trading activities. This will help you keep track of the different currencies involved. 3. BUYS AND SALES: a) Buys: Maintain a record of all your purchases in a row per transaction. Make sure to fill in the date, the cryptocurrency purchased, the transaction fee, the amount invested, and the currency quote at the time. Columns "I" and "J" will automatically display the quantity purchased and the total amount of that specific currency in your portfolio. b) Sales: Similar to the buys, record all your sales in a row per transaction. Fill in the date, the cryptocurrency sold, the transaction fee, the amount sold, and the currency quote at the time. Columns "I" and "J" will automatically calculate the total received and the total amount of that specific currency remaining in your portfolio. 4. REPORTS: a) General: Access the general report to view the number of monthly purchases and sales you have made, as well as the amounts involved in these trades. This information will give you an overview of your trading activities. b) Portfolio: The portfolio sheet provides a detailed overview of your current holdings. It includes information such as the quantity of coins purchased, amount spent, amount sold, current gain/loss, cryptocurrencies held, current price, market value, and the potential for future gains. 5. DASHBOARD: a) Equity: The automated and visually appealing equity dashboard provides insights into how your investments are performing. It allows you to review your monthly metrics of gains and losses, enabling you to make informed decisions. b) Portfolio: The portfolio section of the dashboard displays a list of all the crypto-coins you have traded, along with their respective values. This area enables you to analyze whether you have made a profit or a loss with each crypto-currency and assess the potential for further profit based on the current quotation of each coin.

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    Crypto Currency Portfolio Excel Dashboard Crypto Currency Portfolio Excel Dashboard and Report
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