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Seasonal-based Car Wash Tunnel/Bay Startup Financial Model and DCF Analysis

Type of Business : Financial Models

Price : USD 45 45.00

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  • Short Description

    This is a car wash tunnel or bay financial model that was designed to let the user input high level assumptions for how revenues and expenses are generated and scale with growth over the course of a 5-year period. Monthly and annual pro forma / cash flow are shown as well as a DCF Analysis and high level executive summary of key financial line items.

  • Full Description

    One of the nice logical features of this model is being able to account for seasonality. Many car wash operations will be more busy in certain months and less busy in others. It is crucial to understand how this affects cash flow in the early goings (first 1-2 years) as growth is happening and efficiencies are developed. You will want to know expected cash needs under various pricing and car volume scenarios. This model will let the user pick all kinds of scenarios and see what kind of economic activity is feasible and what is not relative to the max equity available for investment by the owner and or investor(s). Revenue is based on up to 6 car wash types with varied pricing / timing / and car volumes per pricing tier. There are also sanity checks that look at the car counts that are resulting from the assumptions and you can see if something is not realistic on an average cars per day basis.

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