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Startup Golf Course Financial Model and DCF Analysis: 5-Year

Type of Business :

Financial Models

Price : USD 125 125.00

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  • Short Description

    This 5-year financial model is for the startup and operations of a golf course. The projections will be displayed on a monthly and annual basis. Revenue assumptions exist for both course fees as well as other ancillary income (i.e. from food and beverage sales or what have you).

  • Full Description

    The user starts off defining global assumptions about the model. This includes things like start year, exit date, and exit valuation if applicable. The reason an exit value exists is to come up with a value for continuing operations without building the model out to infinitum months/years. You can always zero this assumption out if you don’t want to see it in the cash flows. The first part of revenue is defined by the total available capacity of the course and what percentage of that is utilized. Based on utilization, course fees will populate a top-line revenue figure per year for each of the 5 years. The second revenue stream is for the sale of food and beverage, which is defined based on golfer volumes, average ticket value, and a defined percentage for cost of goods sold. There is a specific schedule for the initial construction/acquisition of land/building/facilities and a cost per hole as well. Beyond that, there are operating expenses defined in up to four different categories and 42 slots. Other one-time startup costs and future CapEx are defined separately. There is a cap table summary to show how much profit share potential investors come up with as well as their equity contributions. There are a wide range of annual distribution schedules that show high level financial details as well as annual break even revenue based on fixed and variable costs. Each investor leg and owner pool will be able to see their final IRR (internal rate of return) and ROI. The DCF analysis is on an annual basis. Lots of visualizations display results as well.

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