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Auto Service and Repair Financial Model: 5 year Startup

Type of Business : Financial Models

Price : USD 125 125.00

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  • Short Description

    Starting an auto-repair business involves a wide range of factors related to the initial investment requirement and on-going operations. In this financial model, the user can enter assumptions related to both and see a monthly and annual pro forma as well as cash flow and minimum equity required (based on the minimum cash position of the entire forecast).

  • Full Description

    Revenue is based on three primary streams. Tire sales, service repair work, and parts / accessories. Tire sales (up to 10 categories) and parts/accessories (up to 22 categories) both are configured in the same way. Each category has its own start month, expected unit sales per month over each of the 5 years, average sale price per unit, and average cost per unit. The gross profit and gross profit margin per category automatically populate. Repair work has up to 12 categories and for each the user can configure the start month, average hourly rate (labor charged) and the average total repair hours per month over each of the 5 years. Costs are split between fixed monthly (up to 129 slots) each with their own start month and monthly cost per year. Final summaries include a DCF analysis, IRR, ROI, executive summary with main line items for a high level view, and all sorts of visualizations to better understand the financial picture.

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