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Lending Business or p2p Lender Participant Startup Financial Model

Type of Business :

Financial Models

Price : USD 75 75.00

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  • Short Description

    If you re looking to participate in a P2P lending platform (like Lending Club or the like) as a lender (someone who is giving loans to borrowers in return for interest and principal repayments) or an organization that wants to start a general lending business, this financial model will let you plan out the scale and potential earnings of such an endeavor.

  • Full Description

    This is structured as a 10-year financial model with monthly and annual summary reports as well as annual Executive Summary and project-level contribution and distribution results. There is a project level IRR and DCF Analysis as well (split out separately for owners vs. investor if applicable). The user can enter assumptions for up to three types of loans. The three types are: Interest-only followed by Principal and Interest repayments on a standard schedule, interest only, and Principal and Interest repayments. The nice thing about this model is how you can scale. It will accurately output the total required cash disbursements, principal collections, interest earned, and origination fees earned on an aggregate level across all three loan types per month and year. You can enter the number of loans settled per month across each yearly period as well as the following assumptions: Interest Only Period (months), Weighted Avg. Interest Rate (Interest Only), Weighted Avg. Interest Rate (p+i), Term (years) - p+i, Weighted Avg. Loan Amount, Loan Origination Fees. If this is a lending business operation, there is a full schedule for startup costs, operating expenses, and capex. For OpEx, there are configurations for the count of customer service reps and sales reps based on the loan volumes. Finally, the default rate is a global assumption that is defined once and applies to all repayments. There are a wide range of visualizations to see all financial effects over the various loan cohorts over time. A full monthly and annual 3-statement model was integrated into this template and the basis for terminal value (if an exit month is selected) is the net asset value.

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